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Salma Name Meaning, Defination, Origin and Astrology

Salma is an Arabic female name. Salma name meaning is Peace, Sweetheart. Salma name origin is Arabic. Although the name Salma is original Arabic, the name Salma is very popular in the Muslim countries of South Asia. Here you will find details about the meaning, origin, astrology and many more of the name Salma. Also you will learn that why you should choose salma name for your sweet baby girl.

Salma name meaning and origin

MeaningPeace, Sweetheart, Healthy, Flawless, Pure
Short NameYes
Unique Name No, Common Name
Modern NameYes
PopulatityIncearsing in the Muslim world
Details of the name Salma

Why will you choose Salma name for your baby?

Salma is a Muslim Girl’s name. Salma name is very popular among modern Muslim girls. It is important to know this arabic name meaning. Salma name meaning is Peace, Sweetheart. and its meaning is reflected in the personality of a person named Salma. You should know that Salma bint Umays was the name of a sahaba of our prophet Hazrat Muhammad(sm).

Famous Person Named Salma

  • Salma bint Amr, great-grandmother of the Islamic prophet Hazrat Muhammad(sm)
  • Salma bint Umays (fl. 7th century), a sahaba of the prophet Hazrat Muhammad(sm)
  • Salma Bennani (born 1978), birth name of Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco, queen consort of Morocco
  • Salma Samar Damluji (born 1954), Iraqi British architect
  • Salma Hale (1787–1866), American politician
  • Salma Hany Ibrahim Ahmed (born 1996), Egyptian squash player
  • Salma Hareb (born 1965), Emirati chief executive officer
  • Salma Hayek (born 1966), Mexican-born American actress
  • Salma Islam (born 1955), Bangladeshi lawyer, journalist and politician
  • Salma Khadra Jayyusi (born 1926), Palestinian writer
  • Salma Kikwete (born 1963), Tanzanian first lady
  • Salma Maoulidi, Tanzanian women’s rights activist
  • Salma Mumin, 21st century Ghanaian actress
  • Salma Paralluelo (born 2003), Spanish footballer and sprinter
  • Salma Rachid (born 1994), Moroccan singer
  • Salma Shabana (born 1976), Egyptian squash player
  • Salma Solaun (born 2005), Spanish rhythmic gymnast
  • Salma Sultana, Bangladeshi veterinarian, entrepreneur and researcher
  • Salma Yaqoob (born 1971), British politician
  • Salma Zahid, Canadian 21st century politician

Source: Wikipedia

Salma name meaning is Peace, Sweetheart. It is believed that if someone is called Salma, it has a profound effect on a person’s personality. Also, the name Salma is completely correct and complete.

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