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Islamic names for girls starting with b – The process of naming is prevalent in Muslim religion since ancient times. In Muslim religion, emphasis is placed on having a girl’s name which has some meaning. On the basis of Muslim religion, the process of choosing the best name for a girl has been prescribed.

In daily life, the name of the girl gives her a different identity. The process of naming in Muslim religion was started with the aim of distinguishing a person from others. In other countries of the world the naming is being done by people associated with Muslim religion for many decades.

According to Muslim religion, the influence of a child should be good and attractive in the society, For this, the meaning of the name of the girl should be special on the basis of Muslim religion. It is believed that only a meaningful name gives a girl prestige in the society.

Islamic Names for Girls Starting with B

islamic names with b for girl

In Muslim religion, it is believed that the girl whose first letter of name is B, they get success only after achieving success. They face the challenges with full courage. Keeping a girl’s name after her birth is considered very important in Muslim religion. The girl’s name is kept by her parents very carefully. Parents often give baby names that have a specific meaning.

Here is a list of islamic names for girls starting with b. In this list their meaning is also explained along with the name. Be sure to choose a cute name for your sweet baby from here!

BadaiBadia, Wonder, Marvel’s Pl
Badiaphenomenal, commendable, unique
BadihaInsight, Cognitive Faculty
Badiyahname of a sahabiyyah, desert
Badiyahphenomenal, amazing, admirable, unique,
knowledgeable person
Badrafull moon
BadriyahSimilar to Full Moon
Badyahphenomenal, amazing, admirable, unique,
knowledgeable person
Bahabeautiful, splendid, shining
BaharSpring, Blossom
BaheeraShiny, Brilliant, Noble Woman
BahiaNice Beautiful Bright
BahijahHappy, Happy, Joyful, Delight, Fabulous, Fabulous
BahiraShiny, Brilliant, Noble Woman
BahiyaNice Beautiful Bright
Bahiyyahbeautiful, bright
Baizawhite, light, luxurious
Bajilarespected, dignified, high
Bakhitalucky, lucky
Bakuracoming soon
Balbalaname of a bird, bulbul
BalqeesNamed after her several times dignitary,
Queen of Sheba (she was the daughter of
Ahmad bin Mishqar, she was the wife of
Hanafi (AN al-sayfud-din))
BalqisShe has been named several times in the
name of a dignitary, Queen Sheba.
Balquees(She was the daughter of Ahmed bin Mishqar)
Bana kind of tree
Banafsajviolent flower
Banafsha(Abdullah al-Rumi’s daughter)
Banafsheha purple flower
Bananfinger tips
Bananacrowned with fame
Banujah(Al-Mahdi’s daughter)
Barahaglowing skin
BarainBurum, Blossom, Bud’s Pl
Baratinnocence, innocence
Bareainnocent, innocent, excellent, originator
Bareerahkind, loyal and devoted
Bariainnocent, innocent, excellent, originator
BarikaBloom, be successful
Barisharainy season, monsoon, pure
Barrahshe was the aunt of the prophet
Barrahkind, loyal and devoted
Barraqabright, brilliant, shining
Barzaha statement of the hadith
Basaariabeautiful, first
BasbasShe was a slave girl of Ibn
BashairAnother name of the Holy Quran, Good News, Good Signs
Basheerabringer of good news
Bashirahbringer of good news
Basilabrave, fearless, fearless
Basilahbrave, fearless
Basinakitty, kitten
Basoosnoble, royal
Bassmaa smile
Bathinahidden, inner
Bathina:hidden, inner
BatoolThe ascetic virgin, the true devotee of Allah,
the Immaculate Woman
BatulThe ascetic virgin, the true devotee of Allah,
the Immaculate Woman
Baysanto walk with pride
BazalaGenerous Woman, Respected, Worshiped
Bazilahclever, intelligent
Baziriyaone who sows
Bazlareward, generous
Bazriqahigh, great
BeenishVision, Vision, Faculty of seeing, Clever, Intelligent
BegumHonored Title, Queen
Behnazbest playfulness
Benazirmatchless, matchless, peerless
Bhajatsplendor, grandeur
BibiLady of Rank, and Honor
Bilqeesqueen of sheba
Bilqisqueen of sheba
Bineshrighteous, holy
BinishVision, Vision, Faculty of seeing, Clever, Intelligent
Bisharaha statement of the hadith
Budurfull moon
BuhasahA narrator of the hadith, walk with pride
BuhaysahA narrator of the hadith, walk with pride
Buhayyahin the name of a freed female slave
BuhjahJoy, Delight
BuhthahHappy, happy when others who see
Buqayraha statement of the hadith
BurumBud, Blossom
Busainadiminutive of settle
Busayrahgood tiding
Bushragood omen
Bushrahgood news, good news, good tiding
Busrahgood news, good news, good tiding
BustanGarden, Orchard
Buthainahbeautiful and soft body
Buthaynabeautiful and soft body
Islamic names for girls starting with b

We hope this list of islamic names for girls starting with b helped you to find perfect name for your baby.

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