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328 Best Islamic Names for Girls Starting with A

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We researched and found Islamic names for girls that start with “a” letter for you. Here you will see beautiful names with meaning.

Many mothers seek to name their daughters unique and rare islamic names for girls starting with a letter.

Provided that this name bears a good meaning in its content, as there are rumors that everyone has luck with his name. Therefore, mothers search for Islamic names for Muslim baby girls in order to obtain a beautiful name that detracts from monotony.

Islamic Names for Girls Starting with A

Muslim girls names starting with ‘a’ with meanings

In this post, a list of names formed from the letter A is given for Muslim girls. Along with the name, the meaning of the name is also mentioned in this list. We hope that here you will definitely find a good Muslim girl name for your baby with the letter A. Apart from the names given here, many names have been given on our website, see those names also. So be sure to choose a cute name for your sweet baby from here!

Aabidah worship, devotee
Aabirah fleeting, temporary, short-lived
Aabis lucky
Aabish Lucky (Daughter of a king, Queen of Iran)
Aadhil Honesty, Simply, Upright Justice
Aadil Honesty, Simply, Upright Justice
Aaeedah Reward after returning
Aaeesha Life, Vivaciousness, Prosperous of Living, Female Life
(Youngest Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH))
Aafia strength, good health, well being
Aafiya strength, good health, well being
Aafiyah Healthy
Aafreeda made, produced
Aaima Leader
Aairah noble, honorable
Aakifah intent, busy, devoted, devoted
Aala bounties
Aaleyah high, highest social status
Aaliyah tall, noble, tall, towering
Aaliyah tall, noble, tall, towering
Aaliyah high, noble, highest social status
Aalmah Knowing, Knowledgeable, Skilled in music or dance,
Scholar, Authority
Aamaal Bright, Hope, Pure, Hardworking, Optimist,
Hopeful, Brillinat, Another name for Narayan, Clean
Aamanee good wish, spring season (spring season)
Aamara Grass, Immortal One, Immortal Flower
Aameena Trustworthy, Loyal, Peaceful, Honest, Safe, Secure
Aamilah doer of good deeds, righteous, hopeful
Aamina Trustworthy, Loyal, Peaceful, Honest, Safe, Secure
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Settled
Aanisah Close, Intimate, Good Friend, Continuous,
Without Darkness, Light, Unbreakable, Generous, Loyal, Close
Aaqilah Wise, Wise, Wise Woman
Aasmani Heavenly, Goddess, Heavenly, Azure
Aatakah kind affectionate
Aatirah fragrant
Aaun blessing of allah
Aayana Mirror
Aazeen Beauty
Abal wild Rose
Abasah Daughter of Al-Mahdi (Daughter of Al-Mahdi)
Abdia servants of allah
Abeera Combination of smell of petals of rose and sundal,
Strong, Brave
Abia splendid, splendid
Abia great
Abida Worshipper
Abidaah ( Abeedah ) worship, devotee
Abidah worship, devotee
Abiha father of might
Abir Fragrance, strong, auspicious red powder traditionally
applied during the festival of Holi
Abira Combination of smell of petals of
rose and sandalwood, Strong, Brave
Abla full figured, fully formed
Abla full figured, fully formed
Ablah fully formed
Abqurah Talent
Ada Beauty
Adara Miss
Adawiyah ( Adawiyah ) summer plant
Adeeba A literary person, cultured, civilized
Adeela equal, just, honest
Adeelah Only
Adeena holy, good luck, slim
Adeeva pleasant, soft
Afaf Accuracy
Afeefa honest, upright
Afia strength, good health, well being
Afifa honest, upright
Afifah holy, modest
Afirah soil, covered with dust
Afiya strength, good health, well being
Afiyah Health, free from sickness and sorrow
Afizah a person who knows the recitation of the Quran
Afni Immortal
Afraa dust color, white
Afrah Happiness
Afreen encouragement, praise, blessing
Afrida created. Presented
Afroza diamond of fire
Afroze didactic
Afsa Prophet mohammeds (pbuh) wife, beautiful
Afsana Story
Afsar Crown
Afsha Prophet mohammeds (pbuh) wife, beautiful
Afshan shinning
Afsheen shining star
Aftab sun, sunlight, brilliance
Aftab Sun
Afya strength, good health, shadow
Afz Excellent
Ahdia unique, one
Ahlam funny, having pleasant dreams, imaginative
Ahou Deer
Aida traveling, returning
Aidah Reward after returning
Aighar she was a pious, righteous woman
Aila great
Aimal Hope
Aimen Holy, Brave, Old names of Arabs
Ain eye, thus precious
Ainam two springs
Aira In the beginning, the principle, take the breath of life
Aisha Life, Vivaciousness, Prosperous Living, Women’s Life
Aishah Lucky, Utkarsh
Aiya Miracles, verses in the Qur’an

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