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Khadija Name Meaning, Origin and Suggestion

Khadija name meaning is Respected, Early baby, Trustworthy. Khadija is an Arabic female baby name. Khadija name is very popular in Bangladeshi Muslim families and also popular in other Muslim sub continent. Khadija name’s origin is Arabic. Here, we are giving a detailed information of the meaning and origin of the name Khadija. Also you will get suggestion about why should you select Khadija name for your baby.

Khadija Name Meaning and Origin

Name Khadija
MeaningEarly Baby, Trustworthy, Respected
Religion Muslim
Short NameYes
Modern NameNo
Unique NameCommon Name
PopularityIs popular in all muslim world.


Khadija is a Muslim Girl name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Khadijah was the Mother of Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s wife. She was the daughter of Makhzum b. Ka’b who was married to Umme Habiba bint Muhammed. She died at the age of 70 years during Hajj season due to old age and disease (reference: “al-Musannaf” by Abu Ya’qub Dawud ibn `Abdullah al-Hilly).

Khadija means: Living in the past or future, or to be lived again, or of long duration. Also used as a title for women who were queens; see also Khadijah (full name).

Out of the family of girl names directly related to Khadija, Khadeejah was the most frequently used in 2018.

Khadija is the most popular name in the Muslim family. It’s a Muslim Girl name, and it’s been used for centuries.

The meaning of Khadijah varies depending on who you ask, but it generally refers to someone who is kind and compassionate; or simply a girl with this name because she cares about others.

Khadija is the name of a female prophet in Islam. She was born in Mecca, Arabia around the year 613 AD. She married Mohammed, who became known as “The Prophet” after he received revelations from Allah through the angel Gabriel (Jibril). Khadija died at age 70 or 72 years old.

Khadija Name Meaning in Quran, Urdu and Bangla

Khadija is the name of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad, who was married to him in Mecca. She was a wealthy woman who had been married twice before to other men. However, each marriage ended in divorce after a few years due to her husband’s inability to provide for their needs.

Khadija’s wealth enabled her to live comfortably without having to work too hard at anything except caring for her family and tending their home. She had two sons by this second husband; however, he died not long after they were born because he fell ill with fever during one winter night while he was traveling from Syria across Arabia Deserts on his way back home from Hajj pilgrimage (which occurs annually).

From the Arabic (Khadija), meaning “premature child” or “born too soon”, which is just one of many theories about its origins and meaning. This was the name of Muhammad’s first wife. Her full name was Khadija bint Khuwaylid.

Khadija is the most frequently used name in 2018.

Another theory says that it comes from khandakka, which means “to shine”.

Why Choose Khadija Name for Your Baby?

Khadija is a popular name that has been used in years after years. It is a beautiful name and it will make your baby feel special. You can choose this name because it has many meanings including:

Arabic meaning of “the pure” or “the clean

This can be pronounced as Khadija-ah (also spelled Khadijah). The first letter in her full name, KAH-DY-Jee AH, stands for Kafirun Ajmalun (Someone who does not believe in Islam). The second letter means Godly person; while the last one means gift from Allah.

We suggest you to select this name for your newborn baby. We pray and hope that its meaning will be reflected in the future personality of your adoreable baby.

Last Words

Khadija is an Arabic name meaning “the best of all women”. It was the name of Muhammad’s first wife, who died at age forty-two in 619 CE due to illness. Khadijah had a reputation as a great leader among Muslims, and she was instrumental in spreading Islam throughout Arabia during her time there. You can also use this name as a tribute to your special someone, who is kindhearted and caring.

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