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Ahmad Name Meaning with Detailed Information

Ahmad name meaning is Praiseworthy, Admirable, Noble, Commendable. Ahmed is one of the name of our phophet Hazrat Muhammad(sm). It is one of the finest islamic name for muslim baby boys. In this post you are going to learn Ahmed name meaning, origin, popularity and astrology in details.

Ahmad Name Meaning and Origin

MeaningPraiseworthy, Admirable, Noble, Commendable
ReferrenceAnother name of prophet Muhammad(sm)
Short NameYes
Unique Name No, Common Name
Modern NameYes
PopulatityIncearsing in the Muslim world
Details of the name Ahmed

Why Choose Ahmad Name for Your Baby

We already told you that Ahmed is one of finest muslim baby boys name. A beautiful name with postive meaning mostly impacts the future of the named person. As Ahmed is also a name of our phophet Muhammad(sm), so you should definitly select this beautiful name for you baby.

Famous People Name with Ahmad

  • Ahmad ibn Hanbal, (780–855) was an Arab Muslim jurist, theologian, ascetic, hadith traditionist, and founder of the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence.
  • Ahmad ibn al-Mu’tasim, was an Abbasid prince and son of Abbasid caliph Al-Mu’tasim. He was also patron of Science, philosophy and Art.
  • Ahmad ibn Muhammad, (died 866) better known as Al-Musta’in was the twelfth Abbasid caliph (r. 862–866).
  • Ahmad Shah Durrani, Founder of Last Afghan Durrani Empire
  • Ahmad Shah Bahadur, Mughal Emperor
  • Sheikh Ahmad, Siamese official of Persian ancestry
  • Ahmad (rapper), West Coast hip hop performer
  • Ahmad Abbas, Saudi Arabian footballer
  • Ahmad Abdalla, Egyptian film director
  • Ahmad Adel, Egyptian footballer
  • Ahmad Ahmadi, Iranian physician
  • Ahmad Ismail Ali (1917–1974), Egyptian army officer
  • Ahmad Alaq, Khan of eastern Moghulistan
  • Ahmad Amin, Egyptian historian and writer
  • Ahmad A’zam, Uzbek writer
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Artan, Somali diplomat, author and politician
  • Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, The Somali Imam of Adal Sultanate who conquered Abyssinia
  • Ahmad Bahar, Iranian politician
  • Ahmad Balshe, Palestinian-Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer known professionally as Belly
  • Ahmad Belal, Egyptian former football player
  • Ahmad Black, American football safety for the Florida Gators
  • Ahmad Bradshaw, American football running back for the Indianapolis Colts, released via free agency from the New York Giants
  • Ahmad Brooks, American football linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers
  • Ahmad Bunnag of Siam
  • Ahmad Bustomi, Indonesian footballer
  • Ahmad Carroll, American football free agent
  • Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesian Islamic revivalist
  • Ahmad Dhani, Indonesian musician
  • Ahmad Dukhqan, Jordanian politician
  • Ahmad Fanakati, financial officer of Kublai Khan’s Yuan Dynasty
  • Ahmad Fuadi, Indonesian writer
  • Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner (born 2000), American football player
  • Ahmad Gooden (born 1995), American football player
  • Ahmad Hardi, Kurdish poet
  • Ahmad Hawkins, American football defensive back for the Alabama Vipers
  • Ahmad Hijazi (born 1994), Lebanese footballer
  • Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Founder of the Hanbalite school of Muslim jurisprudence
  • Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Abbasid ambassador to the Volga Bulgars
  • Ahmad ibn Tulun, founder of the Tulunid dynasty
  • Ahmad-Jabir Ahmadov, “Honored teacher” of Azerbaijan
  • Ahmad Jalloul (born 1992), Lebanese footballer
  • Ahmad Jamal, American jazz pianist
  • Ahmad Sayyed Javadi, Iranian lawyer and politician
  • Ahmad Kasravi, Iranian linguists and historian
  • Ahmad Khatib, first Masjid al-Haram Imam of Indonesian origin
  • Ahmad Maher (disambiguation), various people
  • Ahmad Majid, Mughal faujdar of Sylhet
  • Ahmad Mohammad Hasher Al Maktoum
  • Ahmad Miller, former defensive tackle for the National Football League
  • Ahmad Mirfendereski (1918–2004), Iranian diplomat
  • Ahmad Merritt, American football free agent
  • Ahmad Nivins, American basketball player
  • Ahmad ibn Rustah, Persian chronicler born in Isfahan, Persia
  • Ahmad Rashad, sportscaster and former football player
  • Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah (born 1952), Kuwaiti royal and politician
  • Ahmad Sa’adat, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Ahmad Saad, a Saudi Arabian football player.
  • Ahmad Said (politician), Malaysian politician
  • Ahmad Ali Sepehr, Iranian historian and politician
  • Ahmad Shah Massoud, Afghan military leader Deputy Justice on the Supreme Court of Afghanistan
  • Ahmad Shah Qajar, Last Shah of the Qajar dynasty
  • Ahmad Shamlou, Persian poet and writer
  • Ahmad Shukeiri, first Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
  • Ahmad Sohrab, Persian author
  • Ahmad Syafi’i Maarif, Indonesian intellectual
  • Ahmad Tajuddin, 27th Sultan of Brunei
  • Ahmad Taktouk (born 1984), Lebanese footballer
  • Ahmad Tekuder (died 1284), leader of the Mongol Ilkhanate
  • Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, President of Sierra Leone
  • Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar
  • Ahmad Thomas (born 1994), American football player
  • Ahmad Treaudo, American football cornerback for the California Redwoods
  • Ahmad Yani, Indonesian Army general
  • Ahmad Zarruq, Shadhili Sufi Sheikh
  • Ahmad Yaakob, Malaysian politician; Menteri Besar of Kelantan
  • Ahmad Najib Aris, Malaysian convicted rapist and killer who was hanged for the rape and murder of Canny Ong

Source: wikipedia

Ahmad is a very beautiful and popular muslim boys name. Ahmad name meaning is Praisewothy, Noble which are the most important reason for why you should select the name for your newborn baby. We pray for your baby that he might be a pious and nobleman in future life.

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