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Emir Name Meaning, Origin and definitions

Emir name meaning is “Charming Prince”. Emir is Muslim baby boy name. Here you will learn the detailed meaning, origin and references of the name emir. You will also learn why you should choose this name for your baby.

Emir name meaning and origin

MeaningPrince, ruler, commander, chief, rich
Written asEmir, amir, amier, ameer
Modern nameYes

Emir name popularity

Emir is a popular name is US, England, Turkey, Pakistan, UAE, Switzerland and Bangladesh. Parents mostly choose this name for their baby boy for this gorgeous meaning. Emir is also used for name prefix or given name in many regions. There are also many famous people name with Emir.

Why Choose Emir Name for Your Baby

The name Emir also spelled Amir is considered very beautiful and attractive. Not only this, it also have a very good meaning. Emir name meanings is Ruler, Prince, Rich, Prosperous.

By keeping the name Amir, your child also starts behaving like the meaning of this name. Let us tell you that by giving your baby a rich name, you can increase the positive possibilities in his life.

After knowing the meaning of the name Amir, you can also give the name Amir to your child comfortably. According to some social concepts, the meaning of the name Amir is related to the nature of the person, that is, the meaning of the name Amir is ruler, prince, rich, prosperous, then it will be reflected in your baby’s nature as well.

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