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Muslim Baby Boys Islamic Name 2023

The most beautiful Islamic muslim baby boys islamic names prepared for you by the islamic name team in order to impress you and be able to choose you from the best list of meaningful name for new Islamic religious boy.

Whenever a woman learns of the news of her pregnancy, she will be overwhelmed with great joy because the feeling of motherhood that has been developing inside her since she was a girl is about to be certain.

Apart from the fact that there are many new Islamic baby names inspired by foreign cultures, there are many parents who prefer to choose from the names mentioned in the Islamic religion, such as the names of children from Paradise and Islamic baby names and their meanings.

In the lines of our article today on an encyclopedia we will address the islamic names of boys mentioned in Islam and the meaning of each of these names.

The names of muslim children are distinguished by their ease of pronunciation, refinement and the beauty of their meanings, so they still find great demand to this day, regardless of the spread of modern Western names.

One of the most beautiful Islamic children’s names is what is mentioned in the Book of God the Final, and they are the names of the prophets, and among them are the names that were given to the Companions.

May Allah be pleased with them, for this reason the parents are keen to open these names to their children after the prophets and companions.

A desire among them that their children carry any of their characteristics. We review both of Between them and in the following lines in the following table. Distinctive religious boy names and their meanings

HadithSayings of Prophet Muhammad
Hadramithere have been remarkable men
HafeezThe Guardian, Protector
HafezThe Guardian, Protector
HafizProtector who memorized the Quran
Hafizullahremembrance of allah
Hafslion, lion’s youth
HaidarSher Ali title
Haithamyoung falcon
HajibConcierge, Watchman Bailiff
Hajida person who sleeps
HajirAnother name for God, Present, Prepare
Hajjajorbit, eye socket, logic
Hajveria saints name from hajver
Hakamarbitrator, judge
Hakanpolitics, leaders
HakeemWise, Ruler, Governor, Brother
HakemWise, Ruler, Governor, Brother
HakimWise, Ruler, Governor, Brother
HaleefAllies, Confederate
HaleemMild, Gentle, Patient, Tolerant, Grown Up
HalifAllies, Confederate
HalimMild, Gentle, Patient, Tolerant, Grown Up
Hallajcotton ginner
Hundpraise, appreciate
Hamdastfriend who remains close
Hamdhisympathy, blessing
HamedAppreciate (God), Love (God),
Friend, Praiser, All praiseworthy
Hameedullahservant of all praise
Hameemfriend, close friend
Hamidefender, protector, supporter, defender
HamidAppreciate (God), Love (God),
Friend, Praiser, All praiseworthy
Hamimfriend, close friend
Hamizintelligent, brilliant
Hammadone who praises god
HammamA great man, a chief, a hero
HamoodOne who praises Allah
Hamraazwho is secretive, confidant
Hamrazwho is secretive, confidant
Hamshadalways victorious
Hamzadcomrade, comrade
Harazmake fun, humor
Haqqaniright, right, right
HaqTrue, Real, Right
Hanzalah( Hanzalah ) This was the name of Ibn Abu
Hanzalgift from God
AbirFragrance, strong, auspicious red powder
traditionally applied during the festival
AbielAllah is my father
Abidullahworship of Allah
Abisaliwarrior in Islam
Abradhi, mail
AbramRequires a stronghold
Abrarpatty beautiful
Abrashspotted, spotty
Abrazmost prominent, most distinctive
Abreeqsplendid sword

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