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Aakifah name meaning

Aakifah name meaning Intent, Busy, Devoted. Aakifah is a muslim baby girl name. The name Aakifah means Intent, Busy, Devoted. Aakifah name origin is Arabic. You will find the detailed meaning, origin, and mention of the name Aakifah here.

Aakifah name meaning and Origin

Name Aakifah
Meaning Intent, Busy, Devoted.
Modern nameYes

Why will you choose Aakifah’s name for your baby ?

Aakifah is one of the best names for girls of a Muslim family. Aakifah name meaning Intent, Busy, Devoted. This is reflected in the personality of a person named Aakifah.

It is believed that a person’s name affects a person’s life. If someone’s name is Aakifah then it also has a profound effect on a person’s personality. Also, the name Aakifah is absolutely correct and complete.

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