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Optative Sentence কাকে বলে?

Optative Sentence :

যেসব Sentence দ্বারা মনের ইচ্ছা, আশা, প্রার্থনা প্রকাশ করা হয় তাকে Optative sentence বলে।

A sentence with which we express our desire, hope, wish, blessings, prayers etc is called an optative sentence.

Example :

1. May Allah give you a precious life. (Blessings)
2. All the best. (Wish)
3. Happy birthday to you. (Wish)
4. May she pass the exam. (Prayer)
5. Live long her parents. (Hope)
6. Have a great day! (Wish)
7. May Allah give you all the happiness! (Blessings)
8. May her team win the match. (Blessings)
9. I wish you passed the subject with the highest marks. (Hope)
10. Best of luck with the event. (Wish)

উপরের বাক্য গুলোতে পর্যায়ক্রমে প্রার্থনা, ইচ্ছা, আশা ইত্যাদি অনুভূতি গুলোকে বুঝানো হয়েছে।

Structure :


Example :
May the country prosper day by day.

Note: কখনো কখনো ‘May’ উহ্য থাকে।
Example: long live the king.

Sub+verb+object word order.

May she pass the exam.


What is an optional sentence?

An optional sentence is a sentence that is not necessary for the coherence or completeness of a paragraph, essay, or other written work. It may provide additional information, clarification, or examples to support the main idea or argument, but the text would still make sense and convey the intended message even if the optional sentence was removed. Optional sentences are often used to provide further detail or context to the reader, but their inclusion or omission does not significantly affect the overall meaning or impact of the writing.

Write down the formula of an optative sentence.

An optative sentence is a type of sentence that expresses a wish or a desire. The formula for an optative sentence is:

[Subject] + [auxiliary verb] + [verb] + [complement]

The auxiliary verb used in an optative sentence is usually “may” or “would” and the verb is in the base form (infinitive) without “to”. The complement can be an object or a phrase that completes the meaning of the verb.

For example:

May you have a wonderful day.
Would that I could travel the world.
May the force be with you.
Would that it was sunny today.
May your dreams come true.
Would that we could live in peace.

Write down 10 examples of optative sentences.

Here are ten examples of optative sentences:

1. May you have a safe and pleasant journey.
2. Would that I could be with you right now.
3. May all your hard work pay off in the end.
4. Would that the world were a more peaceful place.
5. May your life be filled with happiness and love.
6. Would that we could meet again someday.
7. May your birthday be filled with joy and celebration.
8. Would that I had the power to change the past.
9. May you find success in all your endeavors.
10. Would that we could always be together.

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