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Adjective from A – 102 adjectives that start with A with examples

Learn all adjective from a, all adjectives that start with A with meaningful examples to fulfill your English grammar skills.

Adjective from A

Here are all adjectives that start with “A” with meaningful examples:

1. Abandoned – The abandoned house was overgrown with weeds and vines.
2. Abhorrent – The abhorrent behavior of the bully was unacceptable.
3. Abiding – The abiding love between the couple was evident in the way they looked at each other.
4. Abnormal – The abnormal growth of the plant was a cause for concern.
5. Abominable – The abominable snowman was a legendary creature said to inhabit the Himalayas.
6. Abounding – The forest was abounding with wildlife and diverse flora.
7. Abrasive – The abrasive personality of the boss made it difficult for the employees to work with him.
8. Abstemious – The abstemious diet helped the patient to lose weight and improve his health.
9. Abstract – The abstract painting was open to interpretation and had a unique beauty.
10. Abundant – The garden was abundant with fruits and vegetables.

11. Academic – The academic study of language acquisition has led to significant advancements in the field.
12. Acceptable – The proposal was acceptable to both parties and the contract was signed.
13. Accessible – The building was accessible to people with disabilities and had ramps and elevators.
14. Accommodating – The accommodating staff at the hotel went out of their way to make the guests comfortable.
15. Accomplished – The accomplished musician had won numerous awards and accolades.
16. Accurate – The data was accurate and reliable, ensuring that the results were trustworthy.
17. Aching – The aching muscles after a hard workout were a sign of progress.
18. Acidic – The acidic taste of the lemon made the drink sour.
19. Acrid – The acrid smell of smoke filled the air and stung the eyes.
20. Acrobatic – The acrobatic gymnast performed impressive flips and twists in the air.

21. Active – The active lifestyle of the athlete included daily workouts and training sessions.
22. Actual – The actual cost of the project was higher than expected due to unexpected expenses.
23. Adaptable – The adaptable nature of the chameleon allowed it to blend into its surroundings and avoid predators.
24. Adept – The adept chef was skilled in creating delicious meals with complex flavors.
25. Admirable – The admirable qualities of the leader included honesty, integrity, and fairness.
26. Admiring – The admiring glances of the audience showed their appreciation for the performer.
27. Adorable – The adorable puppy was irresistible and won the hearts of everyone who met him.
28. Adroit – The adroit writer was able to convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging way.
29. Advanced – The advanced technology of the new phone allowed users to do more than ever before.
30. Adventurous – The adventurous traveler explored remote parts of the world and had many exciting experiences.

31. Affable – The affable salesman had a friendly and approachable demeanor that put customers at ease.
32. Affectionate – The affectionate couple held hands and exchanged loving glances.
33. Affirmative – The affirmative response of the client indicated that the proposal was accepted.
34. Afraid – The afraid child clung to his mother’s hand and didn’t want to go into the dark room.
35. African – The African dance was lively and energetic, with intricate rhythms and movements.
36. Aggravating – The aggravating noise of the construction work disrupted the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
37. Aggressive – The aggressive behavior of the driver caused a dangerous situation on the road.
38. Agile – The agile athlete was able to move quickly and change direction easily.
39. Agitated – The agitated patient was restless and had trouble sitting still.
40. Agreeable – The agreeable terms of the contract were beneficial to both parties.

41. Aimless – The aimless wanderings of the traveler led him to unexpected discoveries.
42. Airy – The airy room was filled with sunlight and had a light and breezy atmosphere.
43. Alert – The alert security guard noticed the suspicious activity and alerted the authorities.
44. Alive – The alive and vibrant colors of the painting brought it to life.
45. Alluring – The alluring fragrance of the flowers attracted bees and butterflies.
46. Aloof – The aloof attitude of the celebrity made it difficult for fans to approach her.
47. Altruistic – The altruistic actions of the volunteer helped to improve the lives of others.
48. Amazing – The amazing feat of the athlete broke a world record.
49. Ambiguous – The ambiguous statement left room for interpretation and confusion.
50. Ambitious – The ambitious entrepreneur had big dreams and was willing to take risks to achieve them.

51. Amenable – The amenable employee was open to feedback and willing to make improvements.
52. American – The American flag represents the values of freedom and democracy.
53. Amiable – The amiable host welcomed guests with a warm smile and hospitality.
54. Ample – The ample supply of food at the party ensured that everyone had enough to eat.
55. Amused – The amused audience laughed and clapped at the comedian’s jokes.
56. Analytical – The analytical approach of the scientist helped to solve complex problems.
57. Ancient – The ancient ruins of the temple were a reminder of the rich history of the region.
58. Angelic – The angelic voice of the choir filled the church with beautiful music.
59. Angry – The angry protestor shouted slogans and held up signs.
60. anguished – The anguished cries of the victim were a heartbreaking sound.

61. Animated – The animated movie brought the characters to life and captivated the audience.
62. Annoying – The annoying sound of the alarm clock woke up the tired student.
63. Anxious – The anxious student worried about the upcoming exam and couldn’t sleep.
64. Apathetic – The apathetic response of the audience indicated a lack of interest or concern.
65. Apologetic – The apologetic employee apologized for the mistake and offered to make it right.
66. Appalling – The appalling conditions of the prison shocked the visiting inspectors.
67. Apparent – The apparent lack of progress on the project was a cause for concern.
68. Appealing – The appealing design of the product caught the attention of customers.
69. Appetizing – The appetizing aroma of freshly baked bread made everyone hungry.
70. Appreciative – The appreciative audience gave the performer a standing ovation.
71. Apprehensive – The apprehensive patient was nervous about the upcoming surgery.

72. Approving – The approving nod of the boss indicated that the work was well done.
73. Aquatic – The aquatic animals in the aquarium swam gracefully in the water.
74. Arab – The Arab culture has a rich history and diverse traditions.
75. Arbitrary – The arbitrary decision of the judge was criticized by many.
76. Archaic – The archaic language used in the text was difficult to understand.
77. Architectural – The architectural style of the building reflected the cultural influences of the region.
78. Arctic – The Arctic landscape was beautiful but harsh and unforgiving.
79. Argumentative – The argumentative nature of the employee made it difficult to work with him.
80. Aromatic – The aromatic spices in the dish added a depth of flavor and fragrance.

81. Arrogant – The arrogant behavior of the politician turned off many voters.
82. Artful – The artful use of colors and shapes in the painting created a striking image.
83. Articulate – The articulate speaker conveyed complex ideas in a clear and concise manner.
84. Artificial – The artificial intelligence program was able to learn and adapt to new situations.
85. Artistic – The artistic talent of the painter was evident in every stroke of the brush.
86. Ashamed – The ashamed child apologized for breaking the vase and promised to be more careful.
87. Aspiring – The aspiring musician practiced tirelessly to perfect her craft.
88. Assertive – The assertive leader made bold decisions and stood up for his beliefs.
89. Assorted – The assorted fruits in the basket provided a colorful and healthy snack.
90. Astonished – The astonished crowd gasped in amazement at the magician’s trick.

91. Astringent – The astringent taste of the tea was refreshing and cleansing.
92. Athletic – The athletic abilities of the gymnast were impressive and awe-inspiring.
93. Attractive – The attractive features of the product caught the attention of consumers.
94. Audacious – The audacious plan of the entrepreneur paid off and led to great success.
95. Authentic – The authentic flavors of the cuisine reflected the cultural heritage of the region.
96. Authoritative – The authoritative tone of the teacher commanded respect from the students.
97. Autonomous – The autonomous robot was able to perform tasks without human intervention.
98. Avid – The avid reader devoured books and constantly sought new knowledge.
99. Awed – The awed child stared in wonder at the fireworks display.
100. Awesome – The awesome power of the storm was both terrifying and awe-inspiring.

101. Awful – The awful smell coming from the dumpster made people hold their noses.
102. Awkward – The awkward silence in the room made everyone feel uncomfortable.

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