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Adjective from N – 95 Adjectives that start with N with examples

Adjective from N

Here are 95 adjectives that start with N with their meaning and examples-

1. Nasty – unpleasant, unappealing, mean (example: That was a nasty thing to say!)
2. Naughty – mischievous, disobedient, inappropriate (example: The child was being very naughty.)
3. Narrow – thin, limited in width (example: The path is too narrow for two people to walk side by side.)
4. Nauseous – feeling sick, or queasy (example: The smell of the garbage made me feel nauseous.)
5. Nautical – relating to ships and sailing (example: The sailor had a nautical-themed tattoo.)
6. Neat – tidy, organized, well-arranged (example: The room was so neat and clean.)
7. Necessary – required, essential (example: It is necessary to have a passport to travel internationally.)
8. Needed – required, necessary (example: I needed some rest after a long day at work.)
9. Negative – pessimistic, critical, unfavorable (example: She had a negative attitude towards everything.)
10. Neighbourly – friendly, helpful (example: Our neighbor was very neighborly when we moved in.)

11. Nervous – anxious, uneasy (example: The public speaking made him very nervous.)
12. Neutral – unbiased, impartial, neither positive nor negative (example: The referee had to be neutral during the game.)
13. New – recent, fresh, unused (example: We just bought a new car.)
14. Nice – pleasant, enjoyable, kind (example: She is always nice to everyone.)
15. Nimble – agile, quick, light-footed (example: The gymnast was very nimble.)
16. Nippy – chilly, cold (example: It’s a nippy day today.)
17. Noble – having high moral principles, dignified (example: He is a noble person who always does the right thing.)
18. Noisy – loud, disruptive (example: The party was very noisy.)
19. Nonchalant – casual, indifferent (example: He seemed nonchalant about the whole situation.)
20. Nonstop – continuous, without pause (example: The flight was nonstop from New York to Los Angeles.)

21. Normal – regular, usual, typical (example: It’s normal for children to have tantrums.)
22. Nosey – curious, intrusive (example: She’s always nosy and asking personal questions.)
23. Notable – remarkable, important (example: He made a notable contribution to the project.)
24. Noticeable – easily seen or noticed (example: The difference was noticeable after the change.)
25. Nourishing – nutritious, healthy (example: The soup was nourishing and delicious.)
26. Novel – new, original, innovative (example: The novel idea was well-received by everyone.)
27. Novice – beginner, inexperienced (example: She was a novice at skiing.)
28. Noxious – harmful, toxic (example: The fumes from the factory were noxious.)
29. Nuclear – relating to atomic nuclei, or nuclear energy (example: The nuclear reactor was shut down for maintenance.)
30. Numbing – causing loss of sensation (example: The cold water was numbing to the skin.)

31. Nurturing – caring, supportive, fostering growth (example: She was very nurturing towards her children.)
32. Nutritious – providing nourishment, healthy (example: Fruits and vegetables are nutritious foods.)
33. Nutty – crazy, eccentric (example: He’s a little nutty, but in a good way.)
34. Nymphomaniac – a person with an excessive sexual drive (example: The movie portrayed the main character as a nymphomaniac.)
35. Nostalgic – longing for the past, sentimental
36. Nifty – stylish, cool, attractive (example: The new phone has a nifty design.)
37. Noble-minded – having high moral principles, generous (example: The noble-minded person donated a large sum of money to charity.)
38. Nocturnal – active at night, opposite of diurnal (example: Owls are nocturnal birds.)
39. Nonpareil – unparalleled, having no equal (example: She was a nonpareil artist, admired by many.)
40. Normalized – made normal or standard (example: The data was normalized for statistical analysis.)

41. Northward – directed towards the north (example: The birds were flying northward for the winter.)
42. Nose-to-nose – face to face, in close proximity (example: The two dogs were nose-to-nose, sniffing each other.)
43. Noteworthy – deserving of attention, remarkable (example: The performance was noteworthy for its creativity.)
44. Notorious – famous for something bad, infamous (example: The criminal was notorious for his heinous crimes.)
45. Nouveau – new, modern, trendy (example: The restaurant served nouveau cuisine.)
46. Novelistic – resembling a novel, characterized by vivid detail (example: The film had a novelistic quality to it.)
47. Nubile – sexually mature and attractive, especially of a woman (example: The magazine featured nubile models.)
48. Numbing – causing loss of sensation or feeling (example: The dentist used a numbing agent to alleviate the pain.)
49. Numinous – having a spiritual or religious quality, inspiring awe (example: The cathedral had a numinous atmosphere.)
50. Nutrient-rich – containing a high level of nutrients (example: The salad was nutrient-rich, with lots of vitamins and minerals.)

51. Nutritive – nourishing, providing nutrition (example: The broth was highly nutritive and healing.)
52. Natty – stylish, smart, fashionable (example: He always dressed in a natty suit.)
53. Nationalistic – having a strong belief in one’s own country and culture (example: The politician had a nationalistic platform.)
54. Naturalistic – resembling or imitating nature, realistic (example: The artist had a naturalistic style.)
55. Navigable – able to be navigated, passable by ships or boats (example: The river was navigable by large cargo ships.)
56. Necrotic – pertaining to death or decay of tissue (example: The wound had necrotic tissue that needed to be removed.)
57. Needful – necessary, required (example: The needful preparations were made for the event.)
58. Neighbouring – adjacent, situated next to (example: The neighbouring house was recently renovated.)
59. Nephritic – pertaining to the kidneys or kidney disease (example: The patient was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome.)
60. Nervy – bold, daring, confident (example: She made a nervy move in the game.)

61. Nesting – building or occupying a nest (example: The birds were nesting in the tree.)
62. Nettlesome – irritating, vexing (example: The nettlesome problem required a lot of patience.)
63. Neurological – relating to the nervous system or nerves (example: The patient had a neurological disorder.)
64. Neutralized – made neutral or inactive (example: The acid was neutralized with a base.)
65. Newsy – full of news, informative (example: The magazine had a newsy tone.)
66. Nice-looking – attractive, good-looking (example: The model was very nice-looking.)
67. Nickel-and-dime – involving small amounts of money (example: The job was a nickel-and-dime operation
68. Nimble – quick and light in movement, agile (example: The gymnast was nimble and flexible.)
69. Nippy – chilly, cold, brisk (example: The morning air was nippy.)
70. Nitpicky – overly concerned with small details, finicky (example: The boss was nitpicky about every little thing.)

71. No-frills – basic, without unnecessary extras (example: The airline offered no-frills service with low fares.)
72. Nomenclatural – relating to the system of naming things (example: The biologist was interested in the nomenclatural classification of species.)
73. Nonchalant – calm, cool, and collected, showing little emotion (example: She acted nonchalant about the situation, even though she was worried.)
74. Nondescript – lacking distinctive qualities or characteristics (example: The building was nondescript, blending in with the surroundings.)
75. Nonjudgmental – accepting of all perspectives and opinions, unbiased (example: The therapist was nonjudgmental and listened to her clients without criticism.)
76. Nonlinear – not following a straight or predictable path or progression (example: The plot of the novel was nonlinear, with multiple timelines and perspectives.)
77. Nonpartisan – not aligned with any political party or group, impartial (example: The election committee was nonpartisan and fair.)
78. Nonplussed – surprised and confused, unsure how to react (example: He was nonplussed when he received the unexpected news.)
79. Normalized – made normal or standard, brought to a standard condition (example: The data was normalized for statistical analysis.)
80. Normative – relating to norms or standards, prescribing how things should be (example: The study analyzed the normative behavior of participants in different cultures.)

81. Nosey – overly curious, prying (example: The nosy neighbor always wanted to know what was happening in other people’s lives.)
82. Notable – worthy of attention or notice, distinguished (example: The artist’s work was notable for its originality and style.)
83. Notional – based on theory or speculation rather than practicality or reality (example: The proposal was interesting but notional and difficult to implement.)
84. Nourishing – providing nutrients and sustenance, promoting health and growth (example: The meal was nourishing and filled with vitamins and minerals.)
85. Novice – a beginner, someone new to a skill or activity (example: The tennis player was a novice and still learning the basics.)
86. Nubile – sexually mature and attractive, especially of a woman (example: The nubile actress was often cast in romantic roles.)
87. Nucleic – relating to the nuclei of cells or the genetic material they contain (example: The DNA was composed of nucleic acids.)
88. Nudged – pushed or poked gently, urged or encouraged (example: The coach nudged the player to perform better.)
89. Nugatory – of no importance or value, trifling (example: The argument was nugatory and didn’t contribute anything to the discussion.)
90. Numbed – deprived of feeling or sensation, dulled (example: His fingers were numbed from the cold.)

91. Numerical – relating to numbers or numerical values (example: The data was presented in numerical form.)
92. Nuptial – relating to marriage or weddings (example: The nuptial ceremony was beautiful and emotional.)
93. Nurse-like – gentle, caring, and nurturing, resembling the qualities of a nurse (example: The mother was nurse-like in her approach to caring for her children.)
94. Nutritious – containing nutrients and essential elements for health and growth (example: The salad was nutritious and full of vitamins.)
95. Nutty – having a flavor or aroma of nuts, or resembling nuts in taste or texture (example: The cake had a nutty flavor from the almonds in the recipe.)

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