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Tamim name meaning

Tamim name meaning is “perfect, complete, generalization”. Tamim is the name of a Muslim boy. Here you can find out the detailed meaning, origin, and mention of Tamim’s name. You will also learn why you choose this name for your baby.

Tamim name meaning and origin

Name Tamim
Meaning perfect, complete, generalization
Origin Arabic
Modern nameYes

Famous Person name with Tamim

Given name


Why choose Tamim name for your baby ?

It is important to know its meaning. As Tamim name meanings is Perfect, Complete, Generalization and its meaning is reflected in the personality of the person named Tamim. Meaning of the name Tamim is perfect, complete, generalization.

It is believed that if your name is Tamim and its meaning is Perfect, Complete, Generalization, then it also has a profound effect on the personality of the person. Further, Tamim’s zodiac sign and lucky number or Tamim’s name is absolutely correct, complete.

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