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Farzana name meaning, popularity and origin

Farzana name meaning is Wise, Intelligent. Farzana is a popular name for girls in Muslim families. Farzana name Origin is Persian. Here, we are giving a detailed description of the meaning and origin of the name Farzana.

Farzana name meaning and Origin

Name Farzana
Meaning Wise, Intelligent
Gender Girl
Short NameYes
Modern NameYes
Unique NameCommon Name

Why will you choose Farzana name for your baby ?

Here are some additional details about the name Farzana:

Origin: Farzana is a Muslim name of Persian origin.
Meaning: Farzana means “intelligent, wise, learned, prudent, sagacious, discerning, perceptive, and clear-sighted.”
Pronunciation: Farzana is pronounced as far-ZAH-nah.
Popularity: Farzana is a popular name in many Muslim-majority countries, including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Iran. It is also a popular name in some non-Muslim countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Notable people with the name Farzana:

  • Farzana Raja, a Pakistani politician and diplomat.
  • Farzana Sheikh, a Pakistani actress.
  • Farzana Brownie, a British journalist and author.
  • Farzana Quazi, a Bangladeshi singer.

Farzana is a beautiful and meaningful name that is perfect for a little girl. It is a name that will give her a strong sense of identity and a connection to her Islamic heritage.

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