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Imperative Sentence কাকে বলে, গঠন, সংজ্ঞা ও উদাহরণ

Imperative Sentence কাকে বলে?

Imperative Sentence (বিস্ময়সূচক বাক্য):

যে sentence দ্বারা আদেশ, উপদেশ, অনুরোধ, নিষেধ, ইত্যাদি বুঝায় তাকে Imperative sentence বলে। প্রাত্যহিক জীবনে আমরা প্রতিনিয়তই এ ধরনের বাক্য উচ্চারণ করে থাকি।

A sentence that is used to make an order, command, request, advice, or suggestion is called an imperative sentence.

Imperative sentence এর বৈশিষ্ট্য সমূহ নিম্নরুপ:

subject হয় second person.
এসব বাক্যে ‘You’ উহ্য থাকে।
Imperative sentence affirmative & negative উভয়ই হতে পারে।
এবং এর শেষে full stop বসে।

Structure: ‘Let’ দ্বারা যেসব sentence শুরু হয় এর গঠন: Let+ first/third person er object+verb+extension.

Example :

1. Let him go.
2. Let me do the work.
3. Please, give me a cup of tea. (request)
4. Please, forward this message. (request)
5. Do it now. (command)
6. Take them to my room. (command)
7. Come fast. (request)
8. Don’t make a noise. (forbid)
9. Don’t touch the book until I come back. (forbid)
10. Always read attentively. (advice)
11. Practice makes a man perfect. (advice)
12. Shut down my pc. (command)

উপরের বাক্যগুলোতে অনুরোধ, আদেশ, নিষেধ, পরামর্শ পর্যায়ক্রমে প্রকাশ পেয়েছে। এই সব গুলোই imperative sentence এর উদাহরণ।

কিছু কিছু বিস্ময় সূচক বাক্যে exclamatory mark(!) ব্যবহৃত হয়।

Get out!
Don’t push!
Be careful!
Don’t waste time!

Structure :

Imperative sentence এর affirmative sentence এর রুপ: verb+extension
Example :
Read and write.
Open the door.

অনুরোধ বুঝালে: please /kindly +verb+extension
Please, open the door.
kindly do me a favor.

নিষেধ বুঝালে: Don’t+sub+verb+extension
Example :
Don’t do this.
Do not open the door.
First and third person e ‘Let’ দ্বারা যেসব sentence শুরু হয় এর গঠন: Let+ first/third person er object+verb+extension.

Example :
Let me do my job.
Let us do the work.


What is the imperative sentence?

An imperative sentence is a type of sentence that gives a command, makes a request, or gives a direction. It is used to express a request or command to the listener or reader, and often starts with a verb in its base form (without “to”). Imperative sentences can end with either a period (.) or an exclamation point (!), depending on the tone of the sentence.

Write down 10 examples of an imperative sentence.

Here are 10 examples of imperative sentences:

1. Brush your teeth twice a day.
2. Don’t talk with your mouth full.
3. Take a deep breath and relax.
4. Put your phone on silent during the meeting.
5. Please stand behind the yellow line.
6. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
7. Follow me to the exit.
8. Do your best on the exam.
9. Keep off the grass.
10. Call your mother and tell her you love her.

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