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70 Adjectives Starting with C – Meaning and Example

Here are 70 adjectives starting with “C” that have different meanings and examples:

Adjectives Starting with C

1. Capricious: Impulsive or unpredictable; changing one’s mind frequently.
→ Sarah’s capricious nature made it difficult for her friends to plan outings with her.

2. Complacent: Self-satisfied or content to a fault; showing no desire for change or improvement.
→ The team’s complacent attitude prevented them from achieving their goals.

3. Contrary: Opposite or opposed to something; stubbornly resistant.
→ Despite everyone’s advice, Jenny took a contrary stance on the issue.

4. Covetous: Greedy or desirous of possessing something that belongs to someone else.
→ The covetous neighbor always eyed his friend’s new car with envy.

5. Cynical: Distrustful or skeptical of human motives or sincerity.
→ After experiencing several disappointments, Rebecca became cynical about love.

6. Condescending: Showing a superior attitude or patronizing behavior towards others.
→ The professor’s condescending remarks made the students feel belittled.

7. Curious: Eager to learn or know about something; inquisitive.
→ The young girl had a curious mind and always asked insightful questions.

8. Chaotic: Disordered, confused, or lacking organization.
→ The classroom was in a chaotic state after the students’ prank.

9. Charming: Delightfully pleasing or attractive; charismatic.
→ The host’s charming personality made the guests feel welcome.

10. Charismatic: Compelling or magnetic personality; inspiring devotion or enthusiasm.
→ The charismatic leader rallied the crowd with his powerful speech.

  1. Courageous: Brave or possessing valor in the face of danger or adversity.
    → The firefighters displayed courageous acts while rescuing people from the burning building.
  2. Colossal: Extremely large or massive in size or scale.
    → The construction project involved moving colossal stones to build the monument.
  3. Creative: Imaginative and able to produce original ideas or expressions.
    → The artist’s creative approach to painting resulted in unique and captivating artwork.
  4. Cunning: Crafty or sly, using deceit or trickery to achieve one’s goals.
    → The cunning fox devised a clever plan to steal food from the farmer’s henhouse.
  5. Cordial: Warm and friendly in manner or behavior.
    → The host extended a cordial welcome to all the guests at the party.
  6. Clumsy: Lacking coordination or skill; prone to accidents or mistakes.
    → John’s clumsy nature often led to him spilling drinks or dropping things.
  7. Cruel: Showing a deliberate desire to cause pain or suffering; lacking compassion.
    → The cruel treatment of animals in the circus sparked outrage among animal rights activists.
  8. Cultivated: Refined or well-educated; characterized by intellectual or artistic pursuits.
    → The professor had a cultivated taste for classical literature and music.
  9. Carefree: Free from worries or responsibilities; lighthearted.
    → The children played in the park, enjoying a carefree afternoon.
  10. Curvaceous: Having shapely and attractive curves or contours.
    → The supermodel flaunted her curvaceous figure on the runway.
  1. Charming: Pleasant or attractive in a way that captivates or delights others.
    → The quaint cottage had a charming garden filled with colorful flowers.
  2. Candid: Open, sincere, and straightforward in speech or expression.
    → The politician’s candid remarks about the current issues resonated with the voters.
  3. Cozy: Warm, comfortable, and inviting; giving a feeling of contentment.
    → The family spent a cozy evening by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa.
  4. Crisp: Fresh, clean, and invigorating; having a distinct and sharp quality.
    → The autumn morning air felt crisp as they went for a walk in the park.
  5. Curious: Strange or unusual in an interesting way; arousing curiosity.
    → The antique shop displayed a collection of curious objects from different eras.
  6. Celebrated: Widely recognized and acclaimed; famous or renowned.
    → The celebrated author received numerous awards for her outstanding novels.
  7. Captivating: Fascinating or enchanting, holding attention or interest.
    → The movie had a captivating storyline that kept the audience engaged till the end.
  8. Contentious: Inclined to argue or engage in conflicts; causing or involving controversy.
    → The contentious debate between the politicians resulted in heated arguments.
  9. Courageous: Displaying bravery and strength in the face of fear or difficulty.
    → The mountaineer exhibited courageous determination while climbing the treacherous peak.
  10. Comical: Funny, amusing, or causing laughter.
    → The clown’s comical antics had the entire audience in stitches.
  1. Consistent: Unchanging or reliable in behavior, performance, or quality.
    → Sarah’s consistent dedication to her studies earned her excellent grades.
  2. Challenging: Difficult or demanding, requiring effort or skill to overcome.
    → The puzzle proved to be quite challenging, but he eventually solved it.
  3. Compassionate: Showing empathy, kindness, and concern for others’ suffering.
    → The nurse provided compassionate care to the patients in the hospital.
  4. Composed: Calm, self-possessed, and in control of one’s emotions.
    → Despite the stressful situation, she remained composed and handled it with grace.
  5. Confident: Self-assured, having belief in one’s abilities or qualities.
    → The confident speaker delivered a powerful and persuasive presentation.
  6. Captivating: Holding attention or interest by being fascinating or charming.
    → The captivating sunset painted the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink.
  7. Considerate: Thoughtful and showing regard for others’ feelings and needs.
    → John was considerate enough to offer his seat to the elderly lady on the bus.
  8. Cautious: Careful and attentive to potential risks or dangers.
    → The hiker took cautious steps while navigating the slippery mountain trail.
  9. Comprehensive: Thorough, covering all aspects or details of a subject.
    → The book provided a comprehensive overview of the history of art.
  10. Committed: Dedicated and devoted to a cause, task, or relationship.
    → The team was committed to achieving their goal, working tirelessly to make it happen.
  1. Cultured: Refined and well-educated, knowledgeable about arts, literature, and etiquette.
    → The cultured gentleman impressed everyone with his vast knowledge of classical music.
  2. Convivial: Friendly, lively, and enjoyable in the company of others.
    → The convivial atmosphere of the party made everyone feel relaxed and happy.
  3. Calculating: Deliberate and strategic in planning or decision-making.
    → The calculating chess player analyzed every move before making a decision.
  4. Canny: Shrewd, clever, and showing good judgment in practical matters.
    → The canny businessman knew exactly when to invest and when to hold back.
  5. Captious: Tending to find faults or raise objections; overly critical.
    → The captious reviewer never missed an opportunity to criticize even the smallest details.
  6. Celebratory: Marking or expressing joy, triumph, or a special occasion.
    → The team gathered for a celebratory dinner after winning the championship.
  7. Conscientious: Diligent, thorough, and guided by a sense of responsibility.
    → The conscientious student always completed assignments with great attention to detail.
  8. Contrite: Feeling remorseful or genuinely sorry for one’s wrongdoing.
    → The thief appeared contrite as he returned the stolen items and apologized.
  9. Credible: Trustworthy, believable, and able to be relied upon.
    → The witness provided credible evidence that supported the defendant’s innocence.
  10. Colorful: Vibrant, lively, and full of variety or interesting features.
    → The city’s bustling market was filled with colorful stalls selling exotic fruits and fabrics.
  1. Compliant: Willing to conform or obey rules, requests, or instructions.
    → The employees were compliant with the company’s dress code policy.
  2. Composed: Calm and self-controlled, especially in stressful situations.
    → Despite the chaos around her, she remained composed and focused on the task.
  3. Constant: Unchanging or consistent in nature, value, or occurrence.
    → The constant rain made it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.
  4. Cooperative: Willing to work together or collaborate with others.
    → The cooperative team members achieved great results through their collective efforts.
  5. Curious: Eager to learn or understand something; inquisitive.
    → The young child’s curious nature led her to explore the world around her.
  6. Cerebral: Intellectual or involving careful thought and analysis.
    → The professor gave a cerebral lecture on advanced mathematical concepts.
  7. Celebrated: Widely recognized and acclaimed for achievements or talents.
    → The celebrated author received numerous awards for her literary contributions.
  8. Critical: Expressing disapproval or finding fault; involving careful judgment or analysis.
    → The movie received critical acclaim for its exceptional performances and compelling storyline.
  9. Candid: Honest, straightforward, and open in speech or expression.
    → She gave a candid assessment of the situation, without sugarcoating the truth.
  10. Contradictory: Inconsistent or opposing; expressing or suggesting the opposite.
    → The witness’s contradictory statements cast doubt on his credibility.
  1. Capable: Having the ability, skill, or competence to do something.
    → Sarah is a capable leader who can handle challenging projects with ease.
  2. Committed: Dedicated and devoted to a cause, belief, or relationship.
    → The team members were committed to their mission and worked tirelessly to achieve their goals.
  3. Charismatic: Compelling, charming, and having a magnetic personality that attracts others.
    → The charismatic speaker captivated the audience with his inspiring words.
  4. Careful: Taking heed and showing caution in one’s actions or decisions.
    → It is important to be careful while handling fragile items to avoid breaking them.
  5. Considerable: Significant in size, extent, or importance.
    → The company made considerable progress in expanding its market share.
  6. Courageous: Brave, fearless, and willing to confront challenges or danger.
    → The firefighters showed courageous acts of heroism while saving lives from the burning building.
  7. Competitive: Having a strong desire to win or succeed, often against others.
    → The athletes displayed a competitive spirit during the intense race.
  8. Confident: Self-assured, having belief in one’s abilities or qualities.
    → She felt confident in her presentation skills after thorough preparation.
  9. Creative: Having the ability to think imaginatively and produce original ideas or works.
    → The artist’s creative approach to painting resulted in unique and captivating artwork.
  10. Considerate: Showing thoughtfulness and concern for the needs and feelings of others.
    → John is always considerate and offers to help whenever someone is in need.

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