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Adjective from S – 150 adjectives that start with S with meaning

All adjectives that are started with s are collected with meaning here. Learn adjective from S to grow your English language skills.

Adjective from S

Here are some adjectives that start with the letter “S” along with their meanings:

1. Sad – feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy
2. Safe – protected from harm or danger; not likely to cause harm or danger
3. Salty – containing or tasting of salt
4. Same – identical or not different; unchanged
5. Sanitary – relating to the maintenance of health and cleanliness, especially by preventing the spread of disease
6. Satisfied – contented; pleased
7. Scared – frightened or alarmed
8. Scary – causing fear or alarm; frightening
9. Scientific – relating to or based on the principles of science
10. Scintillating – sparkling; brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful

11. Scottish – relating to Scotland or its people, culture, or language
12. Scratchy – rough and irritating to the skin or throat
13. Secret – kept hidden from knowledge or view; not known or meant to be known by others
14. Sedentary – characterized by or requiring much sitting; inactive or lazy
15. Selective – relating to or characterized by selection; being choosy or discriminating
16. Selfish – concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure, often at the expense of others
17. Senseless – lacking meaning or purpose; foolish or irrational
18. Sensible – showing good judgment; reasonable
19. Sensitive – easily affected, influenced, or harmed; responsive to stimuli
20. Sensual – relating to or involving gratification of the senses and physical pleasures

21. Sentimental – characterized by or showing tender feelings, often excessively so
22. Separate – not joined, connected, or combined; distinct or different
23. Serene – calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil
24. Serious – demanding or requiring careful consideration or attention; not joking or frivolous
25. Shady – full of shade or shadows; morally questionable or suspicious
26. Shallow – lacking depth; superficial
27. Sharp – having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce; keen or intelligent
28. Shiny – reflecting light; bright and gleaming
29. Short – measuring a small distance from end to end; not tall or long
30. Shrill – high-pitched and piercing; loud and sharp

31. Shy – nervous or timid in the company of other people; easily frightened
32. Sighted – having sight; able to see
33. Silly – foolish; lacking seriousness or sense
34. Simple – easy to understand or do; uncomplicated
35. Sincere – genuine; honest and truthful
36. Sinful – characterized by or full of sin; wicked or immoral
37. Single – only one; not married or in a relationship
38. Skeptical – not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations
39. Skilled – having or showing skill or expertise in a particular activity or field
40. Skinny – very thin; lacking in flesh or fat

Skittish – easily frightened or nervous; shy or restless
Sleek – smooth and glossy; well-groomed
Sleepy – feeling or showing a strong desire to sleep; drowsy
Slim – gracefully thin; having a small width or thickness
Sluggish – slow-moving or inactive; lacking energy or enthusiasm
Small – little in size or amount; not large or great
Smart – having or showing intelligence or good judgment
Smiling – having a happy or friendly expression on one’s face; showing pleasure or amusement
Smoky – emitting smoke or having the

Smooth – having a surface that is free from bumps or roughness; easy and effortless
Snug – fitting closely and comfortably; warm and cozy
Social – relating to human society and its organization; involving interaction with others
Soft – easy to press, bend, or cut; not hard or stiff
Solid – firm and stable in shape; not liquid or gas; of a single substance or composition
Solo – done alone; unaccompanied
Sophisticated – having a refined or cultured taste or manner; intellectually complex or developed
Sore – painful; tender or inflamed
Sorry – feeling regret or sorrow; apologetic
Sound – in good condition; complete and without defects; based on reason or fact
Southern – situated in, directed toward, or coming from the south
Spacey – distracted or disoriented; dreamy or out of touch with reality
Spacious – having ample space or room; large and roomy
Spanish – relating to Spain or its people, culture, or language
Spare – extra or unused; minimal or barely sufficient
Sparkling – shining brightly with flashes of light; effervescent or lively
Special – better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual or ordinary; unique or distinct
Specific – clearly defined or identified; detailed or precise
Speedy – fast or rapid; quick and efficient
Spicy – containing or flavored with spices; hot and pungent
Spiffy – stylish and well-groomed; neat and attractive
Spiritual – relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul; not material or physical
Splendid – excellent or magnificent; extremely impressive or beautiful
Spontaneous – done or said in a natural and unforced way; not planned or rehearsed
Sporty – relating to or characteristic of sports or athletics; stylish and casual
Spotless – perfectly clean; without any stains or marks
Spry – active and nimble, especially in old age
Square – having four equal sides and four right angles; honest and straightforward
Stale – no longer fresh; lacking in originality or interest
Standard – conforming to a widely accepted or recognized measure or pattern; typical or ordinary
Stark – bare and empty; severe or harsh
Startled – surprised or alarmed suddenly, often by an unexpected sound or sight
Statistical – relating to the use of statistics; based on numerical data
Steady – firmly fixed or established; consistent and reliable
Steel – hard and strong like steel; determined and resolute
Steep – having a sharp incline; expensive or costly
Stellar – relating to stars or the universe; outstanding or excellent
Sticky – tending to stick or adhere; unpleasantly humid or muggy
Stiff – difficult to bend or move; lacking ease or flexibility
Stimulating – arousing interest or enthusiasm; invigorating or exciting
Stingy – unwilling to spend money or give freely; miserly
Stocky – broad and sturdily built; thickset
Stony – made of or resembling stone; showing no emotion or feeling
Stormy – characterized by storms; turbulent or tempestuous
Straight – extending or moving uniformly in one direction; honest and direct
Strange – unusual or unfamiliar; difficult to explain or understand
Strategic – relating to the identification of long-term goals and objectives; planned

Striking – attracting attention or admiration due to its noticeable quality or appearance
Strong – having great physical power or strength; powerful or intense
Stubby – short and thick; truncated or stubby in form
Stunning – extremely impressive or attractive; capable of causing shock or disbelief
Sublime – of such excellence or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe; elevated or exalted
Substantial – of considerable importance, size, or worth; substantial or sturdy
Subtle – not immediately obvious or noticeable; delicate or nuanced
Successful – accomplishing a desired goal or outcome; having achieved success
Sudsy – producing or containing a lot of suds or lather; foamy
Sudden – happening or done quickly and unexpectedly; without warning
Sufficient – enough to meet the needs of a situation; adequate or satisfactory
Sugary – sweet like sugar; excessively sweet or sentimental
Sulky – sullen or bad-tempered; gloomy or depressed
Sunny – characterized by or generating sunshine; cheerful or optimistic
Super – of the highest quality or degree; extremely good or impressive
Superb – of excellent quality; splendid or magnificent
Superior – higher in rank, status, or quality than others; excellent or outstanding
Supple – bending and moving easily; flexible or adaptable
Supportive – providing encouragement or emotional or practical help; helpful or beneficial
Sure – certain or confident in one’s beliefs or actions; free from doubt or hesitation
Surprising – causing surprise or amazement; unexpected or astonishing
Suspicious – feeling or showing a lack of trust in someone or something; dubious or distrustful
Sweaty – covered in sweat; producing or characterized by sweat
Sweet – having the taste or flavor of sugar; pleasant or enjoyable to the senses


Swift – moving or capable of moving at great speed; quick or rapid
Sympathetic – feeling or showing concern or compassion for others; understanding or supportive
Synthetic – made by chemical synthesis, rather than being naturally occurring; artificial or man-made
Systematic – done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical or organized
Tactful – having or showing tact; considerate or diplomatic
Talkative – fond of talking or inclined to talk a great deal; chatty or loquacious
Tall – having a greater height than is normal or average; high or lofty
Tame – not wild or dangerous; domesticated or docile
Tangible – perceptible by touch; real or concrete
Tangled – twisted or knotted together in a confusing way; complicated or perplexing
Tasty – having a pleasant or savory flavor; delicious or appetizing
Technical – relating to a particular subject or profession and requiring specialized knowledge; complex or intricate
Tedious – too long, slow, or dull; monotonous or repetitive
Telling – having a strong or significant effect; revealing or indicative
Tempestuous – characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotions; stormy or tumultuous
Tender – showing gentleness, kindness, or affection; soft or delicate
Terrible – extremely bad or unpleasant; dreadful or appalling
Terrific – extremely good or excellent; fantastic or amazing
Terrified – filled with terror or fear; frightened or scared
Testy – easily annoyed or irritated; irritable or touchy
Thankful – feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative or grateful
Theoretical – concerned with or based on theories or hypotheses; abstract or hypothetical
Thick – with opposite sides or surfaces relatively far apart; dense or viscous
Thin – with opposite sides or surfaces close together; not thick or dense
Thorny – full of thorns or prickly; difficult or complicated
Thoughtful – showing consideration or careful thought; reflective or contemplative
Thrilling – causing excitement or pleasure; exhilarating or exciting
Thunderous – characterized by or producing loud and deep sound; thundering or resounding
Tidy – arranged neatly and in order; clean or organized
Tight – fixed, fastened, or closed firmly; snug or secure

All Adjectives From S to Describe a Person with Examples

Sarcastic – A person who speaks in a mocking tone or uses irony to convey contempt or ridicule. Example: “Her sarcastic remarks made everyone uncomfortable.”

Sincere – A person who is genuine, honest, and means what they say. Example: “She gave a sincere apology for her mistake.”

Stubborn – A person who is unyielding or inflexible in their beliefs or actions. Example: “He’s so stubborn, he never changes his mind.”

Sophisticated – A person who is cultured, refined, and worldly-wise. Example: “She has a sophisticated taste in art and literature.”

Selfish – A person who is primarily concerned with their own interests and desires, often at the expense of others. Example: “He never thinks of anyone else, he’s so selfish.”

Sensible – A person who is practical and has good judgment. Example: “She made a sensible decision based on the available information.”

Shy – A person who is reserved or timid, especially in social situations. Example: “He’s so shy that he has trouble speaking in front of a group.”

Sensitive – A person who is easily affected emotionally, whether positively or negatively. Example: “She’s very sensitive to criticism and needs to be approached with care.”

Serious – A person who is solemn or grave in demeanor, often lacking in humor or frivolity. Example: “He’s always so serious, he needs to lighten up.”

Spontaneous – A person who is impulsive or uninhibited, often acting on a whim. Example: “She’s a spontaneous person who loves to try new things.”

Strong-willed – A person who is determined and resolute, not easily swayed by others. Example: “She’s a strong-willed person who always sticks to her convictions.”

Sarcastic – A person who speaks in a mocking tone or uses irony to convey contempt or ridicule. Example: “His sarcastic sense of humor always keeps people on their toes.”

Supportive – A person who provides encouragement and help to others. Example: “She’s always been supportive of my goals and dreams.”

Skeptical – A person who is doubtful or questioning of something, often requiring proof or evidence. Example: “He’s skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true.”

Sassy – A person who is confident, bold, and a little bit cheeky in their behavior or speech. Example: “She’s got a sassy attitude that always makes me laugh.”

Sociable – A person who enjoys being around others and is friendly and outgoing. Example: “He’s a very sociable person who makes friends easily.”

Spiteful – A person who is vengeful or vindictive towards others. Example: “She’s so spiteful, she’ll do anything to get back at someone who has wronged her.”

Spirited – A person who is lively, enthusiastic, and energetic. Example: “She’s a spirited performer who always brings energy to the stage.”

Street-smart – A person who is savvy and has practical knowledge and skills gained from life experiences. Example: “He’s very street-smart and knows how to navigate any situation.”

Strong – A person who is physically or emotionally powerful, resilient, or tough. Example: “She’s a strong woman who has overcome many challenges in her life.”

Subtle – A person who is delicate or nuanced in their behavior or mannerisms. Example: “She has a subtle sense of humor that takes a while to appreciate.”

Superficial – A person who is concerned with appearances or surface-level qualities, rather than deeper meanings or values. Example: “He’s so superficial, he only cares about how things look on the surface.”

Sympathetic – A person who is compassionate and understanding of others’ feelings or situations. Example: “She’s a sympathetic listener who always makes me feel better.”

Suspicious – A person who is wary or distrustful of others. Example: “He’s always suspicious of anyone who tries to get close to him.”

Sophomoric – A person who is immature or foolish, often displaying a lack of good judgment. Example: “He’s still so sophomoric, he needs to grow up and take things more seriously.”

Self-assured – A person who is confident in their abilities and opinions. Example: “She’s self-assured and never second-guesses herself.”

Self-confident – A person who has a strong belief in themselves and their abilities. Example: “He’s self-confident and never lets anyone bring him down.”

Self-disciplined – A person who has the ability to control their own behavior and actions. Example: “She’s very self-disciplined and always sticks to her routine.”

Selfless – A person who is altruistic and puts others’ needs before their own. Example: “He’s a selfless person who always volunteers to help those in need.”

Sensational – A person who is impressive or exceptional in a positive way. Example: “Her performance was sensational, she blew everyone away.”

Sophistical – A person who is crafty or deceptive in their reasoning or arguments. Example: “He’s so sophistical, he can twist the truth to make himself look good.”

Sharp – A person who is intelligent and quick-witted. Example: “He’s a sharp businessman who always knows how to make a deal.”

Silly – A person who is playful or lighthearted, often engaging in nonsensical or foolish behavior. Example: “She’s so silly, she always makes me laugh.”

Smart – A person who is intelligent and knowledgeable. Example: “He’s a smart student who always gets good grades.”

Submissive – A person who is willing to yield to others’ authority or wishes. Example: “She’s very submissive and always follows the rules.”

Supportable – A person who is easy to get along with and able to be supported. Example: “He’s a supportable coworker who is always willing to lend a hand.”

Synergetic – A person who works well with others and is able to create positive results through collaboration. Example: “She’s a synergetic team player who always brings out the best in her coworkers.”

Systematic – A person who is methodical and organized in their approach to tasks or projects. Example: “He’s a systematic thinker who always plans ahead and considers all the details.”

Sexy – A person who is physically attractive and alluring. Example: “She’s a sexy model who turns heads wherever she goes.”

Strong-minded – A person who has a determined and resilient mindset. Example: “He’s a strong-minded individual who never gives up on his goals.”

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