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Guidelines for Hair Bleaching: Pros and Cons & Safe Methods

In the recent fashion world, the value of black hair has decreased significantly. Everyone is using different hair colors now. However, no matter what color you want on your hair, you have to bleach it first, then the original color can easily be applied to the hair. Using bleach, the hair is dyed golden, then the color of choice is applied to the bleached hair. It easily dyes the hair. Even if you use other colors on black hair, it doesn’t show up as much. That’s why bleach is used in different parlors & hair saloons while doing hair color. Nowadays, everyone is more or less using bleach to dye their hair, which is very harmful to the hair.

Cautions Before Using Bleach on Hair

Don’t bleach your hair cheaply at the cheap parlor. Hair bleaching costs are quite expensive. Besides this, bleaching needs to be done by very experienced hands. If not, it will not take time to lose hair. More importantly, hair bleaching requires the right products to maintain healthy hair. Many people rush to bleach at low cost without realizing it. In such cases, please think twice before bleaching, and know which chemical is used and how harmful it is to the hair. After bleaching the hair, various side effects can occur on the skin, such as – skin redness, swelling, pain, etc. So, you should check the skin before bleaching your hair. Especially for those who have a sensitive scalp must consult a doctor or specialist before bleaching their hair.

It is important to follow some rules after bleaching your hair. For example, don’t use too much shampoo or conditioner on your hair, use hair masks and let your hair dry in natural air. Hair changes a lot after bleaching. A dry scalp is a problem, even if the hair is bouncy. Due to hair bleaching, your hair fall may increase. In such cases, you should take suggestions from experts.

Maintenance Rules of Bleached Hair

Hair needs much maintenance after bleaching. If you don’t care for your bleached hair, your hair will be damaged easily. Here are some tips for maintaining bleached hair –

1. You should keep your hair moist by maintaining the moisture process.
2. Apply mixed olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. It will help to keep your hair moist.
3. You can wash your hair with rice starch. If your hair becomes severely damaged, you can wash your hair daily with starch.
4. You will use a wide tooth comb for combing your hair.
5. You can use Aloe vera. It will help to prevent skin and hair damage. You should apply aloe vera gel on the hair and scalp twice a week.

Pros & Cons of Hair Bleaching

Pros of Hair Bleaching

1. Hair bleaching is one of the easiest & effective ways to lighten hair shades than the actual hair color.
2. Hair bleaching help to set any hair color in the hair easily.
3. Hair bleaching is a great transaction color.
4. Hair bleaching works faster than DIY hair color to bring change in the hair.
5. Hair bleaching gives your hair a gorgeous look.

Cons of Hair Bleaching

1. Hair becomes more sensitive after bleaching. On top of that, UV rays, dust, winds, and excess oil damage hair easily.
2. The roots of the hair become loose after bleaching. It causes hair fall problems. Moreover, Hair does not want to grow easily.
3. Hair bleaching makes hair lose its natural moisture. Also, if the protein balance is not maintained, it will result in hair loss.
4. It takes very little time to bleach, but chemicals may damage the scalp during this period. Even though, Scalp irritation may occur. If irritation occurs after applying bleach, wash off your hair immediately.
5. Sometimes, a rash may appear on the scalp after hair bleaching.
6. Once the hair is bleached, the natural color of the hair will never come back. So, the hair will become colorless.
7. Even, Oxidation may occur in the hair during bleaching. As a result, the hair becomes very rough and, dry, dull.

How to do Hair Bleaching at Home Safely

To bleach hair at home, you will need some tools such as:

  • a tinting brush
  • Clips for sectioning
  • gloves
  • a mixing bowl
  • a Shower cap/Plastic bag
  • old towels/clothes
  • a balancing shampoo & conditioner
  • and Toner


Firstly, wear old cloth or take an old towel & cover your shoulders. Before applying bleach to your full hair, test your few hairs. Check it first that it will be right for your hair or not. Do not bleach the roots of your hair & wear gloves to avoid bleach. Then after bleaching, wash your hair with balancing shampoo and conditioner properly. Lastly, use hair toner for your bleached hair. In addition, bleaching takes time, so take your time at the time of bleaching hair. It is best to follow each method of using bleach properly & sequentially. Don’t use straighteners or curlers while using bleach because it can damage your hair.

How to Bleach Hair at Home Without Damage

Some people dislike getting their hair bleached either because of the chemicals, a lack of resources, or because they are too afraid to attempt after hearing negative remarks about bleaching products from others. However, adopting flowing, simple DIY hair bleaching methods might bring superficial results to get bleached hair with mild harm. So, let know about some DIY hair bleaching methods –

Hair bleach with cinnamon & honey

Essential Ingredients

  • Cinnamon – 1 tablespoon
  • Honey – 2 tablespoon
  • Olive oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Conditioner – 2/3 tablespoon

How to make cinnamon & honey hair bleach DIY pack

First, mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl very well, then apply the pack of all the hair with the help of a brush or hand. If you use your hand to apply the pack, then obviously use a hand glove. Then cover your hair with a shower cap & keep it for at least 4 hours & for better results, keep it overnight. Then rinse your hair with clean water. Cinnamon in this DIY hair bleach pack activates the hydrogen peroxide in the honey. In addition, when glucose oxidase is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, it causes a chemical reaction that lightens your hair by two shades more than your current hair color.

Hair Bleach with Apple Cider Vinegar

Essential Ingredients

  • Apple cider vinegar – ½ cup
  • Clean water – ½ cup

How to make Apple cider vinegar hair bleach DIY pack

First, take a spray bottle & mix apple cider vinegar & clean water in a 1:1 ratio. Then shake the bottle to mix them properly. After mixing it properly, spray it all over the hair & ensure that all hair is completely saturated. Then leave the mixture for 30-40 minutes so that they work well in hair. After that, wash your hair with clean, cool water. To get the desired hair color shade, repeat this DIY pack twice a week.

In conclusion, DIY hair bleach won’t produce the same results as professional hair bleach. The professional hair bleach help to raise the level of your hair color by six to seven shades more than your actual hair color. On the other hand, a homemade bleach DIY pack can only lighten your hair a maximum of two to three shades.

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