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Natural Makeup Looks on Brown Skin – Easiest Guide

Many of us may not know that brown skin is much healthier than fair skin. The sun’s ultraviolet rays may not affect dark skin too badly. So it is not important whether the skin is fair or dark, but healthy, healthy and graceful is the real beauty. Brown-skinned girls should determine their skin type and shade before applying makeup. You can make yourself tidy by using skin-friendly and natural shades to get a natural look. In this case, the health of the skin is more important than the color of the skin. To get a natural makeup look on brown skin, every brown girl should have these products in their makeup closet!

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Colored eyeliner
  • Dark lipstick

Natural Makeup Looks on Brown Skin Steps

1. Foundation

The makeup base is to get a natural makeup look on a brown skin foundation, so choosing the right foundation shade is very important. Always choose a foundation shade closest to your skin tone for a natural makeup look. Otherwise, the face will look ashy. We suggest choosing your suitable foundation from Lakme Nine To Five Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation / Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation range for getting a natural makeup look on brown skin. The range has 16 shades, each designed keeping the skin tone of brown girls in mind.

2. Concealer

Proper Concealer application helps you to get a natural makeup look on brown skin. So, Concealer is a must-have in every brown girl’s makeup kit! This amazing product covers dark circles and blemishes and does a great job covering pigmentation and dark spots, leaving you with smooth, even waxed skin. To get a natural makeup look on brown skin, you must use Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Concealer / Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mousse Concealer is available in six different shades, each of which is perfect for brunettes. Being a cream formula, it blends easily, and its medium to high coverage covers all your skin’s imperfections completely. Even fine lines or wrinkles are no longer visible, and you will get a natural makeup look on brown skin.

3. Blush

Blush is second to none in bringing a soft natural makeup look to brown skin, so blush is a must-have in every girl’s collection! However, many brown girls find it difficult to choose a blush that matches their skin color. Always choose blushes with warm undertones; browns will look natural on the skin. To get natural makeup look on brown skin, you should use peaches, reds, or warm brown blush. To get natural makeup look, Lakme Nine to Five Pure Rouge Blusher – Peach Affair / Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher – Peach Affair is Ideal for brunette girls! The silky matte finish of this blush sits beautifully on the brown skin and leaves you glowing and natural!

4. Colored eyeliner

Brown skin tones are the ideal canvas for experimenting with colorful eyeliner. Colored eye makeup doesn’t look harsh on brunettes. Moreover, it will give a natural makeup look to brown skin. Instead, it makes the eyes look more beautiful by blending well with the skin tone. Choose your favorite shade from Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection / Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection to get natural makeup look on brown skin and get everyone’s appreciation!

5. Dark lipstick

No lipstick doesn’t suit brunettes! From nudes to browns, burgundy, warm pinks, and even darker shades like plum, berry, or orange, suit brunettes perfectly! Choose your favorite from 42 stunning shades of Lakme Nine to Five Primer + Matte Lipstick / Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick range for getting a natural makeup look on brown skin. Dark brown-skinned girls should determine their skin type and shade before applying makeup.

You can make yourself tidy by using skin-friendly and natural shades. In this case, the health of the skin is more important than the color of the skin. Because if you apply makeup on healthy skin, that skin becomes more beautiful.

Let’s know some basic makeup tutorials for dark brown skin –

Natural Makeup Look Tutorial for Brown Skin

1. Foundation is the first step of makeup on any skin. First, wash your face thoroughly and apply cleansing, toning, or moisturizer. Then make beige with a good brand of foundation according to the skin type and color. If you have to use a shade for foundation, use a lighter and more natural shade than your skin. Then you can use makeup powder. The powder removes the oiliness of the skin and brings out a glow.

2. Makeup looks much neater if the eyes are beautiful. Oily and bright shades are also good for eye makeup. First, apply a light puff of powder on the eyelids for an evening party outfit. As a result, the eyes will look much brighter with the use of eyeshadow. During the day, you can use gray or brown eyeliner. It is better not to use liners under the eyes. Finally, use eyelashes or mascara to complete the eye makeup.

3. Be careful in shade selection while using blush in makeup. You can use pink or dark orange stead of brown shade in this case. Dark brown people can use dark pink for the daytime and copper for the night. You can also use golden color with it. But lighten the corners of the forehead and eyebrows and use golden color. It will maintain the continuity of the outfit.

4. While using lipstick, instead of using a liquid lipstick, you can use matte lipstick. Use brown, purple, light pink, golden, coffee, chocolate shade o,r any other light color. But avoid dark pink, magenta, red, and orange colors because they will make your dark brown skin darker.

Natural Makeup Tutorial for Light Brown Skin

1. You must clean your face before applying makeup on your light brown skin. Then apply astringent lotion on the oily part of the skin and wait for a few minutes. Now take a clean towel.

2. Wrap a piece of ice in this towel and wipe your face. This will help to unclog the skin pores. For those with light brown skin tone, use a water base foundation. It is better not to use a creamy foundation. Make sure the foundation is not too light in color compared to your skin tone.

3. Choose the foundation shade that is closest to your natural skin tone. Then apply compact or face powder. You can use blush if you want. Avoid brown and peach colors when using blush. You can try dark pink colors during the day and bronze or burgundy colors at night. You can try the golden shade if it’s a night party. It suits well in light brown skin. Always choose warm colors for lips. It can be copper, bronze, dark red, or burgundy. A bold color lipstick will suit the lips.

But it is better to avoid baby pink. Maroon or dark brown colors also should be avoided. Use colors that match your skin type.

Natural-Looking Makeup Tutorials for Mixed Drak Brown and Light Brown Skin

Different brown skin types require different types of makeup. Because of this, the makeup style will be a little different for those with dark brown and light brown skin. Due to the mistake of cosmetics, makeup often appears on the skin. If your skin is brown, these tutorials are essential for you to get a natural makeup look on your brown skin.

1. Apply and buy makeup in natural light. Do not apply makeup in low light and not too bright light. In natural light, you can better understand the contours of your skin and apply makeup properly. The same applies when buying makeup. You can adopt a strategy for this. You can apply a little makeup on the back of your hand, then go outside the store and see if it suits your skin in daylight.

2. Not one shade for foundation Your skin is not the same everywhere, so using just one shade of foundation won’t do much good. First, use the shade that best matches your skin tone as a base. Then use a slightly lighter shade as a highlight. It will give the skin a glowing glow.

3. Bring soft warmth to the skin. Use an amber or caramel shade foundation in the middle areas of the skin to make the skin look soft and radiant. For example, in the middle of the forehead, above the nose, on the cheeks, and chin. Then use blush and blend it well.

4. I Prefer the orange color is used quite a lot in fashion now. And it goes very well with coppery skin. Orange type of Concealer, blush, and lipstick will benefit you. You can use the lotus color to cover dark circles under the eyes and skin blemishes.

5. Line your lips. If your lips are full, line your lips first with a liner that is close to your skin color. If your lips are dark, then orange lipstick will look good.

6. Don’t draw dark eyebrows; dark eyebrows will not look good with copper skin. Start using the brown color near the nose and move towards the corners to use a darker brown. You can go to the edge of the eyebrow and use black. The shape of the eyebrows will look very beautiful.

7. Do not use black color on the eyebrows, but do not use very light colors either. It will be completely inconsistent on the skin. Because it will make you look older.

8. Use shimmer when highlighting. If you have to highlight the skin, use shimmer. But remember that it should not spread too much on the skin.

9. It would be best if you took care of the skin. Even you should exfoliate the skin regularly. You must apply sunscreen for skin care. You may think your skin is already tanned, and what will happen with sunscreen? But sunscreen must be used to protect skin health.

10. Don’t do makeup like light-skinned people, don’t imitate the way light-skinned people do makeup. Don’t try to lighten your skin color with unnecessary makeup. As fair skin is beautiful, brown skin is equally beautiful. Bring forth your beauty instead of hiding it for this. You could explore to find the makeup that looks best on your skin. You may observe
how using various lipstick colors feels. Above all, love your brown skin and bring out its natural beauty.

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